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Harold's Going Stiff


Lonely pensioner, Harold Gimble, has become the first man to suffer from a new neurological disease that is slowly turning him into a zombie-like state. Harold s hermit-like existence is shaken up when a vivacious nurse, Penny Rudge, is sent along to alleviate his stiffness. Her special massage techniques work a treat on Harold and they become close friends. 

Harold agrees to trial a possible cure for the disease at a private institute, and the initial results are excellent. But the following day he s in an even worse state than before, and after Penny accidentally overhears the doctor s dire prognosis for Harold she decides to sneak him away the next morning. 

Word soon gets out, and before long a small group of bloodthirsty thugs are pursuing Harold and Penny across dramatic moorlands in the hope of a kill. 


“Blackly funny and surprisingly touching- Empire (Kim Newman)

“Excellent performances” - Sight and Sound 

“Super original... dead good” - Total Film (Rosie Fletcher)

“Interesting ideas, memorable lines and inventive choices- Time Out (Tom Huddleston)

“Mockumentary on the monstrousness of modern man” - Little White Lies (Anton Bitel)

"I can't champion this film enough... I laughed and cried and laughed again” - Aint It Cool News (Ambush Bug)

A superbly crafted film by writer/director Keith Wright... it's a true British gem” - HorrorTalk (Charlotte Stear)

“One of the most original movies to come out of the British film industry in a very long time” - TV Bomb (Amy Taylor)

“Flips from moments of laugh-out-loud physical comedy to real pathos” - Brutal As Hell (Keri OShea)

A wonderful film and a brilliantly different spin on the zombie sub-genre” - Flickfeast (Kevin Matthews)


"Welcome to Night of the Living Dead meets Last of the Summer Wine” - Dig Yorkshire


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